CP Recycling O.O.O. S.A.

Our main area of activity is collection of used aluminum beverage cans. At the same time we offer taking over the duty of obligatory product fee and educational campaigns as well as comprehensive outsourcing of environmental services. We operate within Can Pack Group since 1995.

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What needs to be done to fast and effectively improve the current system of packaging and waste management? This question was the...


CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. is currently one of the four the biggest Producer Responsibility Organization. It funded its activity on many years of experience.

Main scope of activity of the company is organizing recycling and recovery of packaging waste and growing network of waste collection plants. The latest project of CP Recycling O.O.O. S.A. is introduction in Poland Can-Backs, Reverse Vending Machines for aluminum cans collection installed in retail stores.