Advertising on Can-Back

Advertising on LED screens, is a modern form of communication, which is the closest competitor to traditional advertising media, such as posters, leaflets, billboards or advertising pillars. The effectiveness of receiving ads on the screen vary from 76% to 90%, making it one of the most effective types of promotion.

Our offer is to broadcast your advertising spots on CAN-BACKs equipped with LED screens. Devices are located in the selected super and hypermarkets of Carrefour – close to the line of cash, in the entrance enclosures, and other attractive locations.

We offer a flexible duration of the campaign. We are able to adapt to individual needs and expectations the length, frequency and sequence of spots. Your ad can be emitted in selected locations or across our network - currently covering 25 devices.

If you are interested in advertising through CAN-BACK please contact us at

email: or by phone: 695 271 516