CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. has installed Can-Backs – Voluntary Take Back Machines,  designed for used aluminum beverage cans collection – in 25 shops. This action is a response for growing consumption of canned beverages in Poland and around the World.

Our machines work in very simple way: user insert used aluminum cans and in exchange he receive a shopping voucher, which may be used at the same shop where Can-Back is installed. The user can also donate Children’s Hospital in Prokocim, Kraków instead of receiving a voucher. We also organize lots of competitions with attractive prizes linked to CAN-BACKs to encourage local citizens for recycling of used aluminium cans.

CAN-BACKs are equipped with advanced sensors which allows to accept used aluminum beverage cans of all sizes both crushed and intact. What is important Can-Backs accept only aluminum cans, packages made from other materials will be rejected, therefore the collected material is very easy to recycle.

For more information please contact us at e-mail address:, or telephone number: +48 12 377 76 23.