Report "Evolution in Seven Steps"


We are happy and proud to announce that the series of co-organized CP Recycling and Interseroh stakeholders' meetings under the name "Improved system" resulted in the report "Evolution in Seven Steps". The study is an original proposal to improve the packaging and packaging waste management system in Poland and is the result of extensive discussion and industry consultations conducted by our packaging recovery organizations.

The Conference


What needs to be done to fast and effectively improve the current system of packaging and waste management?

This question was the leitmotif of the conference co-organized in September by CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań (part of CANPACK Group), during which the Platform for the regular dialog has been inaugurated. The main goal of this initiative is to create the common vision of the industry on how the current system of packaging and waste management in Poland could be improved to meet the requirements of the circular economy. 

The Economic Forum in Krynica


During the XXVIII Economic Forum taking place in Krynica (Poland), CANPACK Group, including CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań participated in the debate "Is life without waste life without packaging? How to effectively implement European Directives on waste management?” with the participation of the Ministry of the Environment.