Producer Responsibility Organization

About us

CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. is one of the biggest Producer Responsibility Organizations in Poland. It was created in 2003 after changes in law to response to needs of Entrepreneurs in regard of obligations in the field of recycling and recovery of packaging. CP Recycling Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. base its activities on many years of experience in that field. Company was based on KOBA S.A. which started recycling used aluminum cans in 1995.

The company is member of CANPACK Group which includes production plants in Poland and other countries. CANPACK Group produces metal and glass packaging.

Being part of the CANPACK Group our goal is providing the best quality of products and services for our customers. We belive in constant improvment. To acomplish this goal, in 2017 CANPACK Group introduced Code of Conduct of CANPACK Group to formulate broad business practices across the Group and to maintain the Group's and its employees' excellent reputation in a global development strategy. 

The next step is the adoption of the CANPACK Supplier Code of Conduct, which clarifies the Group's expectations of those who provide services to or provide goods. Supplier code of conduct covers fields of business ethics, labor law, human rights, health and safety at work, the environment, social responsibility, confidentiality and Data protection.

You can find Supplier Code of Conduct >>HERE<<